Traditional Marketing

Explore how we leverage traditional media channels to speak to senior audiences where they’re most comfortable while implementing innovative marketing strategies to maximize engagement.


Print marketing provides an array of choices for marketers, from cost-effective mass market publications to specialized magazines that effectively reach Baby Boomer and senior audiences. Our tailored print marketing solutions empower businesses to foster awareness and drive action in diverse markets. Whether it’s widespread distribution or placement in niche publications, we craft top-quality print materials that capture the attention of the 50+ demographics and yield impactful results.

Direct Mail

Our expertise lies in crafting and implementing meticulously tailored direct mail campaigns that resonate with aging audiences. Our team of specialists offers a full spectrum of services, including concept creation, creative design, precise mailing list management, and response tracking. We empower businesses of all sizes to boost brand recognition, foster engagement, and generate leads through highly effective direct mail initiatives that cater specifically to senior demographics.

Out of Home

We provide a wide spectrum of out-of-home (OOH) advertising solutions, encompassing billboards, transit ads, and more. Our team of specialists assists businesses in devising OOH advertising strategies that cater specifically to their distinct requirements and goals, with a particular focus on older demographics. Additionally, we offer services for digital out-of-home (DOOH) to enhance brand visibility and drive conversions on a broader scale.


When it comes to TV ad buying geared towards seniors, precision is key. We specialize in creating and implementing personalized television advertising campaigns designed to connect businesses with their target demographics. From meticulous strategic planning and strategic media buying to ad production and thorough post-campaign analysis, we guarantee that our clients’ TV ads are strategically positioned to engage their 50+ audience effectively and produce tangible, measurable outcomes.


Whether through radio or podcast promotions, our experienced team specializes in crafting strategic ad placements, guaranteeing that your message reaches the Baby Boomer and senior demographics precisely when it matters most, driving impactful results and profit potential. Rely on us to create personalized radio campaigns that yield tangible outcomes, highlighting the potency of this often underestimated medium within your comprehensive media strategy when marketing to 50+ audiences.

Time-Tested Marketing

At Coming of Age, we recognize the enduring impact of traditional media in connecting with aging audiences. Through print, out-of-home, direct mail, and other time-tested channels, we craft strategic campaigns that resonate with Baby Boomers and seniors, ensuring your brand message reaches and engages them effectively.


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