Seniors are a complex blend of people who have seen it all, heard it all, and have been marketed to their whole lives. To meaningfully engage with senior audiences, brands need to rethink their marketing strategies and frame their efforts as a gateway to meaningful experiences.

Why Your Marketing to Baby Boomers and Seniors Doesn’t Resonate

When it comes to marketing to Baby Boomers and seniors, “how” is more important than “where.” Whether through social media, content marketing, online, direct mail or anything in between, it’s vital to ensure that your message appeals to their root values and motivators. The key, however, is understanding how those values and motivators have changed over the course of their lives. Your message needs to target not just their generational commonalities, but their season of life. Older audiences are now in the second half of life, and what drives them now isn’t the same as what drove them when they were younger.

Aging audiences are a complex blend of people who have lived through dramatically different times. They have seen it all, heard it all, and have been marketed to their whole lives, making them harder to engage with meaningfully. To learn how to position your brand as a gateway to meaningful experiences, explore our marketing resources below.

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