Digital Advertising

Let our expertise help you craft a compelling identity that resonates with Baby Boomer and senior audiences, leveraging cross-channel strategies and tailored marketing plans to better align your brand with your vision.


Our advanced approach to paid search campaigns improve ROI and get you noticed by senior audiences well before the competition. We’re more than prepared to create campaigns curated to mature demographics across multiple platforms and devices, leveraging innovative search strategies and technology to meet your audience where they live.

Paid Social

One-size-fits-all is not an attribute you want associated with your paid social campaigns, especially for Baby Boomer and senior audiences. Partner with us to create custom, optimized campaigns that bolster your bottom line with our mix of engagement insights, audience technologies, and campaign management rigor. Let us elevate your social media presence to new heights while marketing to the 50+ demographic.

Programmatic Display

Each display campaign we handle starts with a meticulously crafted audience, uniquely designed for the 50+ demographic. Utilizing premium ad exchanges, exclusive placements, and select inventory, it’s time to ensure your display ads deliver results with cost-effective CPMs. Targeting senior audiences is only the beginning; we work hard to capture their attention and keep them engaged

Connected TV

Our approach to Connected TV is tailored to Baby Boomer and senior audiences, focusing on delivering your message through premium placements on well-known streaming platforms and channels. We harness cutting-edge targeting and reporting technology to fine-tune campaigns, ensuring transparency and effectiveness in your advertising efforts focused on mature demographics.

Platform Display

If you’re new to display advertising or looking to maximize your budget while targeting senior audiences, consider taking advantage of display options from Google and Microsoft. Our team of certified Google and Microsoft experts specializes in creating comprehensive campaigns that utilize display inventory, Gmail, Google Maps, and other platforms, ensuring your message reaches 50+ audiences more effectively.

Digital Out of Home

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) refers to digital advertisements displayed in public areas, such as large billboards, dynamic road-side displays, and directory screens in malls, airports and gas stations, among other public settings. Our team takes your DOOH buying to the next level by integrating performance with your display campaigns to understand the cross-channel value you’re getting from foot traffic exposure and maximize engagement with Baby Boomers and seniors outside of their homes.

Shopping & Feed Management

Our shopping and feed management services offer complete control of your product feeds on leading shopping platforms, such as Google Shopping and Amazon, tailored specifically to 50+ audiences. We fine-tune your feeds to ensure optimal visibility and conversions while our skilled team takes care of campaign setup, ongoing management, and detailed reporting.


Our native advertising services leverage the power of storytelling to create engaging, non-intrusive ads custom-made for aging audiences that blend seamlessly into their surrounding content. We work with you to create high-quality, informative content that resonates with older demographics, increasing brand awareness and driving conversions through compelling narratives that keep your brand’s identity front and center.

Finding Your Brand’s Strategic Vision

Coming of Age specializes in translating your brand’s unique identity into a cohesive digital advertising strategy. We leverage our extensive marketing expertise to develop tailored campaigns that align with your vision, ensuring your brand resonates with your target audience.

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