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Tailoring Your Social Media Presence to Aging Audiences

As social media continues to dominate our cultural sphere and transcend generational boundaries, many seniors are finding themselves more and more engrossed in their feeds. The 50+ demographic, often stereotyped as technologically hesitant, is increasingly embracing social media to stay connected with loved ones, rekindle old friendships, and even explore new interests. In fact, according to a recent report from eMarketer, over half of all Baby Boomers will be active on social media this year.

With aging audiences becoming increasingly active on their chosen social media platforms, brands looking to cultivate engagement among 50+ users need to position their digital presence in a way that fosters meaningful interactions and captures the attention of the invaluable audience segment.

To help brands craft compelling content and strategically leverage platforms favored by 50+ demographics, we’ve compiled a handful of helpful tips below. Read on to learn how we can help transform your social media presence to attract and engage with senior audiences.


  • Consolidate Your Efforts: Seniors visit different platforms for different reasons; they might be looking for tutorials on YouTube, contact information on Facebook or brand announcements on Instagram. No matter the reason, it’s important to give seniors a clear path to the information they value through a centralized, easy to locate content hub. Giving your senior audience a central page to refer to makes it much easier to consolidate your digital efforts and streamline the path to audience engagement.


  • Develop Your Content with Specific Goals in Mind: Is your goal as simple as increasing overall sales or are you looking to zoom in on Baby Boomers looking to make big ticket purchases? Do you want an inexpensive way to add value or is the objective to build a community of dedicated patrons? Choosing a social media marketing strategy requires identifying your overarching goals and keeping a close eye on the most relevant KPIs throughout the campaign. Based on the goals you established, you may want to skew toward more posts, images with brief descriptions, videos or links to existing content (or all of the above!).


  • Be Engaged and Get Everyone Involved: At its heart, social media is about fostering an online community of likeminded, enthusiastic users, so brands need to make a conscious effort to join in on the conversation. Commenting on posts, responding to user testimonials or even just setting up a digital space for users to hold conversations on brand-related topics can go a long way towards establishing your social media presence as a place where senior audiences can come to learn, relax and connect with brands and fellow users alike.


  • Measure Twice, Post (At Least) Once: Most social media platforms come with tools that allow page administrators to view a plethora of engagement metrics and analyze user patterns to determine which content topics are the most conducive to audience engagement. Finding out which topics or types of posts are your highest performers can give your social media presence a clear direction and dictate the makeup of your next content calendar. At Coming of Age, we have a wide variety of tools that can measure success, track audience growth, identify your top performing posts, view impressions by day of the week and more. All of these insights can help us gauge whether your campaign has achieved the goals you established and further refine your social media strategy.


  • Incorporate Life Stage Values into Your Posts: Although all of us have a basic set of values and motivators that drive us in our everyday lives, we manifest them differently as we move through the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter of our lives. Selling to Baby Boomer and older customers requires a more deliberate approach due to how aging audiences shift their values and habits in the latter stages of their lives. 50+ audiences more often than not focus on cultivating meaningful experiences rather than gaining material goods. To this end, it’s important to frame your social media efforts as gateways to meaningful experiences by developing styles and tones with your audiences’ emotions in mind, using anecdotes to tell stories to your audience, and staying genuine and honest in your messaging.


As you continue to explore the dynamic relationship between senior audiences and your brand’s social media efforts, remember that these platforms offer more than just a means to pass time; they provide a vital link to the broader world, a way for seniors to widen their interests and social circle, and a means to foster a sense of community and belonging connected to your company’s name. As social media continues to evolve, so will the ways in which seniors interact with these digital tools. It’s easy to forget that seniors are an ever-more tech-savvy group, as users familiar with smartphones and other devices for over a decade continue to age into this bracket every day. Seniors expect more than a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to digital marketing, and if brands plan to meet these expectations they’ll need to utilize every available tool in their digital toolkit in a way that doesn’t minimize their previous digital experiences.

Staying active, engaged, and tailoring your messaging to the nuances of Baby Boomer audiences is easier said than done, but it can do wonders for your engagement metrics and help your brand stand out as a way for 50+ users to cultivate meaningful experiences and information from the comfort of their preferred feed.

To discover how Coming of Age can boost your social media presence and amplify engagement among Baby Boomers, reach out to us and find out how we can help your brand give senior audiences a new reason to keep you at the top of their feeds.

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