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Coming of Age Receives Multiple Awards from Clutch

Coming of Age Receives Multiple Awards from Clutch

In a report released this month, Coming of Age was recognized by Clutch for our distinguished talent as an advertising and marketing agency, with particular emphasis on our experience working with clients in the business services, healthcare, financial services, hospitality, retail, and real estate industries.

Clutch conducts ongoing, extensive research on agencies in the B2B space. The Coming of Age team has had a profile with Clutch for a few years now, and we’ve been identified before as a leading provider for branding and advertising.

We’re excited about the recent recognition from Clutch because it places more emphasis on our commitment to our clients. We’re dedicated to providing only the best service for our partners and delivering results that exactly match their business needs. The feature has also qualified us a spot on The Manifest as one of the top branding agencies in Chicago in 2018.

Having worked with many clients across many different disciplines, we’ve grown a lot as a company over the years, and receiving third-party recognition from a reviews site like Clutch hasn’t always been an opportunity at our disposal. Now, things are different.

On top of our client reviews, Clutch ranks companies according to their industry expertise and market presence. Items like our services, client base, case studies, and social media presence have all contributed to our high score on Clutch.

Most important, however, are our client reviews (all of which you can find on our Clutch profile). We’ve partnered with some of the best companies over the years and could not be happier about the feedback they’ve given us. Thank you to everyone that’s supported us!

These Clutch awards are a nice addition to our recent 2018 CADM Tempo Awards for outstanding campaigns we’ve created in the Pharma/Healthcare and Automotive sectors, helping to showcase the great work the team does for our clients.

2018 has already proven to be a great year, but we’re only looking forward at Coming of Age. The awards from Clutch mean a lot to us, and they motivate us further to create brands that stand out and impress.

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