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Baby Boomers and Seniors on YouTube - What Marketers Need To Know

Baby Boomers & Seniors on YouTube: What Marketers Need To Know

Boomers fastest growing youtube segment

While previous generations turned to their children or grandchildren to learn about new technology, Baby Boomers and Seniors are turning to YouTube. In fact, Seniors are the fastest growing segment on YouTube mobile. And as Boomers and Seniors continue to be increasingly active online – spending 27 hours per week – marketers need to learn how best to connect with this valuable audience.

Understand Engagement

In order to effectively engage with Boomers and Seniors on YouTube, marketers must first understand how they utilize the platform. Older audiences are known to share content more often on YouTube than younger generations. In fact, Boomers are twice as likely to share on YouTube than Millennials. So, provided your content is relevant, targeting Boomers is a great way for your videos to spread organically.

And while aging audiences are using the platform to watch TV highlights and recaps of their favorite shows, they’re also using the platform as a vehicle to learn new skills.  Plus, per Google, 1 in 3 Boomers watch online videos to learn about a product or service.

These engagement patterns clearly illustrate that informative content is key.

Percentage of Baby Boomers using YouTube

Provide Value

Since we know that Boomers and Seniors are using YouTube not just for entertainment, but also to seek information, in order to engage with them in this platform, marketers must provide valuable and relevant product or service information. Capitalizing on the fact that aging audiences are using YouTube to save time by quickly obtaining information rather than having to read directions or call their children with questions, marketers that use product demonstrations and actionable, authentic content will have greater success.  

In providing audiences with important benefits and features, give them the facts, and be careful that your scripts are not condescending. Boomers and Seniors are willing to learn new information, but they do not want to be talked down to.

Incorporate Life Stage Values

Although Boomers and Seniors may not be the first to come to mind when thinking of YouTube, it’s important that marketers are developing creative that speaks to the older customer’s current life stage values. Boomers and Seniors are working longer and busier than ever, therefore, be sure to communicate the relevant customer benefits quickly, directly, and authentically. What motivates Millennials to engage with a brand or purchase a product or service is different from what motivates an older audience.

Overall, YouTube can serve as an excellent addition to your multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns – helping you successfully reach the Boomer and Senior audience where they already are. And remember, in order to connect with this audience effectively, you must keep their needs and motivators top of mind when designing your branded YouTube content.

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