Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Direct your marketing efforts toward the most qualified prospects and actively engage your most valued senior customers to transform visibility into revenue generation.

Target Highly Qualified Leads

Our approach enables businesses to reach highly qualified leads among Baby Boomer and senior audiences through tailored messaging and content across various platforms. Utilizing data and analytics, we pinpoint essential target segments and execute personalized campaigns that address their specific needs and concerns. This approach consistently yields higher conversion rates and enhances ROI.

Engage High-Value Prospects

Integrating ABM into your digital strategy empowers our team to customize campaigns to address the unique requirements and concerns of each prospect, fostering more meaningful interactions and ultimately leading to higher conversion rates. ABM proves to be a highly effective approach in reaching and engaging high-value targets, particularly among the 50+ audience.

Nurture Leads Through the Buyer Journey

Guide leads through the buyer journey by offering relevant and valuable content tailored to meet their requirements at every stage of the process. Through our advanced targeting methods, our team can create customized lead-nurturing campaigns that maintain prospect engagement and aging audiences closer to a purchasing decision. This approach consistently leads to higher conversion rates and enhanced customer loyalty, especially among 50+ demographics.

Convert Exposure into Revenue

We monitor engagement and employ real-time optimization to enhance campaign effectiveness, guaranteeing that every interaction with a target account remains highly pertinent and valuable. Through the integration of ABM and marketing automation, we facilitate seamless collaboration between marketing and sales teams, enabling the conversion of visibility into revenue and the maximization of your return on investment when targeting Baby Boomer and senior audience segments.

Targeting the Right Audiences

At Coming of Age, we harness the power of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to precisely target the demographics that matter most to your business. Our strategies ensure that your messaging and campaigns resonate effectively with seniors, delivering content to the right prospects and yielding exceptional results.


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