Who We Are

Established in 1991, Coming of Age is a full-service marketing agency. We are subject matter experts, problem solvers and creative professionals experienced in marketing to Baby Boomer and senior customers.


The Coming of Age Difference

Providing a mix of online and offline marketing services, we identify the needs, values and purchase motivators inherent in the 50+ audience’s stage of life and create messages that motivate by identifying and resonating specifically with aging audiences.

When marketing to aging audiences, understanding how they think is just as important as what they think. Let us help you connect and build stronger relationships between your brand and your audience.

As we reach the Fall and Winter seasons of our lives, our legacy and the meaning of our existence become a more important part of our identities. We place greater value in time spent with others and our definition of happiness changes as we age, making us more likely to do things that are meaningful to us on an emotional level. If you’ve ever been embarrassed by something your parent or grandparent has said in public, you know that this can also mean that self-censorship becomes less of a concern. This is because aging audiences are less interested in “fitting in” or conforming to what other people expect of them as materialistic factors become less motivating and are replaced with a desire to enjoy life by doing the things we love.

Knowing this, marketers need to redefine their messaging to appeal more to seniors based on their season of life, focusing on their desire to find meaning in their waking hours and their receptivity to emotional content. Marketers shouldn’t focus on “keeping up with the Joneses” or rely on condescension, gimmicky or distracting content. Instead, give them the facts to empower their own decisions and tell Baby Boomers how your product or service can infuse their days with meaning, primarily by positioning products and services as “Gateways to Meaningful Experiences.”

Incorporating this philosophy into your marketing strategy can help you reach and engage with Baby Boomers and seniors. Not sure where to begin? Coming of Age can help with traditional and digital campaigns marketing to seniors. Let’s talk.


Chris Gilmartin

Chris Gilmartin


Chris is a seasoned online marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in performance-based marketing. With his results-driven approach, he has provided advanced search/online marketing strategies for digital marketers across a variety of industry segments. Prior to Coming of Age, Chris was the Director of Strategic Accounts at Resolution Media, where he managed a staff of search marketing professionals and served as strategy director for Fortune 500 clients like Bank of America, Lowes, and Discovery Channel. Previously, he also helped launch Resolution Media’s SEO service offering, and worked as the eMarketing Manager for Orbitz.

Carla Peknik

Carla Peknik

Sr. Vice President, Client Strategy

Carla is an accomplished marketing professional with unsurpassed online and offline marketing experience. With her expertise in direct marketing, she has honed her tracking, measurement, and analytical skills and emerged as a leader in the development of sound strategic planning based on the creation of actionable data. Her ability to combine the strengths of multiple online and offline mediums has allowed her to increase acquisition rates while decreasing their associated costs for a broad range of clients. Her work has been featured in Ad Age and DMNews, and she has repeatedly been requested as a panel speaker for the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing.

David Sutton

David Sutton

Sr. Vice President, Growth

David has leveraged a decade of deep expertise in digital marketing to enhance Coming of Age’s marketing strategy. David oversees the delivery of effective digital marketing strategies, ensuring that Coming of Age provides the highest level of digital marketing agency services. He has a wealth of experience in media and client services, building strong and long-lasting relationships with clients like Health Care Services Corporation, Adtalem Education Group, and Radio Flyer. David has helped streamline and continues to oversee the process of business development, internal operations and marketing efforts while actively keeping himself current on the latest strategic marketing trends and capabilities.

Ensuring data privacy is our top priority, and we recognize that the success of your marketing campaign hinges on the security of your first-party data. To futureproof your campaigns, we have built a system using the highest data security standards to guarantee the safety and protection of your data.

Select Testimonials

“Their strategy, approach and delivery was amazing. They changed the way we marketed to our customers, and the results far exceed our objectives.”

Pamela Landis, Director of Marketing

“If Obi Wan were to go into marketing, he’d work at Coming of Age! Love working with these guys.”

Brad Brown, Member Engagement Marketing

“It has been a pleasure working with you over the last year. We have gained a great amount of insight and key learnings on the Baby Boomer segment.”

Teri Kerrigan, Marketing Manager, member Experience

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